Prospex Has Arrived!

Prospex Has Arrived!

What a journey its been! We were first introduced to WFG just over a year ago, and were immediately drawn to this diverse and motivated group of people, striving to achieve their dreams by helping others fulfill theirs. Since then, we have watched so many young agents blossom into thriving entrepreneurs; their motivation and determination rewarded countless times over, and all for serving a great cause. Wow!

Now, we want to reward your hard work by making it EASIER. Lets make it easier to serve our clients, lets make it easier to communicate with our teams, lets unify WFG Representatives across the nation, making it even easier to find MORE clients, and show them the uniquely inspirational opportunity WFG has to offer. Lets double, triple, or even quadruple our efficiency, leaving us more time for our families, for our friends, for our lives!

FINALLY, the time has come to release Prospex, a cloud-based client relationship management software for every device, designed specifically for WFG Representatives. Fast, efficient, intuitive, and flexible, Prospex gives you the ability to store all of your client’s data, schedule appointments, store, download, and display files, transfer leads between offices, teams, even STATES! Access your data anywhere, anytime – no more running back to the office, no more loose papers cluttering your desk, no more fumbling for records and stalling on sales.

Let organization and accessibility unlock your EFFICIENCY! Keep a detailed history of your client interactions and pick up exactly where you left off. Stop reaching for cards that end up lost, ignored, or thrown away – impress your prospects with branded digital forms and never lose another lead!

Best of all, do it simply and intuitively, without the bloated features and grinding loading times of traditional CRMs that don’t understand your business, don’t support your workflow, and don’t listen to your feedback. We LOVE our user feedback, and strive to find digital solutions for practical problems.

And one last thing – no ads, no data-collection, no intrusive tracking algorithms or creepy “suggestions” based on your history. We are a small, honest company that values privacy and security above all else. We maintain nightly backups and promise 99.999% uptime. Yes, we upgrade, update, and maintain constantly – but only in the wee hours of the morning for the least disruption possible.

Whether you are a recently-licensed Associate, an aspiring SMD, or a seasoned EVC, Prospex has the tools to make your business more efficient, more accurate, and more rewarding. Give us a try, we won’t let you down.

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