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Customer Relationship Management software for WFG Representatives


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Your data is encrypted and protected by SSL.

Designed for WFG

Created specifically for
WFG Representatives


Prospex keeps your business organized, flexible, and mobile. An invaluable tool for client appointments, tradeshows, cold-calling, and more, you’ll wonder how you ever did business without it!


Why Choose Prospex

Simple, Intuitive Interface

Your business presents enough challenges, learning new software shouldn’t be one of them! Other CRM solutions have become bloated and overly-complicated, trying to appeal to every possible business – except yours. We designed Prospex with all the features you need, and left out the confusing “mystery buttons” clutter. The result is a super-fast, perfectly-organized management solution, specifically for WFG Representatives.

Global Accessibility

One of WFG’s core tenants is, “work where you want to, when you want to.” It only seems right that your software should do the same! Prospex works on desktop computers, laptop computers, iPads, iPhones, Androids, and any other internet-connected device you might use. Access your information anywhere – through our website or through the app, your information is synchronized anywhere and everywhere you could possibly login.

Security Is Our Top Priority

These days, you can never be TOO careful with your data – and the data of your clients. We put every bit and byte of our application and website behind Secure Socket Layer technology, encrypting every piece of information from the nano-second you click “submit.”

A Tool For Any Solution

These days, you can never be TOO careful with your data – and the data of your clients. We put every bit and byte of our application and website behind Secure Socket Layer technology, encrypting every piece of information from the nano-second you click “submit.”

Upgrades & Maintenance

Prospex is constantly improving, adding new features and functions to help your business run better. We listen to our users, respect your feedback, and strive to fulfill every need that our software could possibly deliver. Got an idea? We’d love to hear it! Contact us today and let us know how we can make Prospex work for you.

Get It Now

Every plan includes unlimited use of the Prospex software on any device, unlimited contact storage,
unlimited form submissions, and live customer support for the duration of your subscription.

$24 monthly
Monthly Subscription
Unlimited Contact Storage
Unlimited Form Submissions
2GB Cloud Storage
$129 for 6 months
6 Month Subscription
Unlimited Contact Storage
Unlimited Form Submissions
4GB Cloud Storage
$229 yearly
Unlimited Contact Storage
Unlimited Form Submissions
5GB Cloud Storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Prospex over other CRMs?

We built Prospex with one goal in mind – simplicity. Many CRMs have been developed to meet the needs of several businesses at once, resulting in overly complicated and confusing user experience. Instead, we chose to focus on addressing the needs of WFG Representatives specifically, eliminating a great number of buttons, inputs, and “features” that had little use. Then, we implemented features that other CRMs ignored, like digitizing WFG’s commonly-used forms – even the FNA! We also created a nationwide database for lead exchange, facilitating better communication between teams to find and serve WFG clientele from coast to coast.

Ulimately, good software should be easily learned, if not instantly understood. Important data should be displayed clearly, and easily searched. And is it too much to ask that an app look pretty? We didn’t think so. And we aren’t stopping here. Since launch, we have received feedback from WFG Representatives at every level of the business – yes, even from the pinnacle of the WFG hierarchy – and we are actively working to address this feedback and implement new features that make our software even more powerful. We respect our users, we respect their data, we respect their insight and experience and we strive to evolve Prospex to meet the requests of WFG Representatives across the nation.

How is my data kept safe?

Prospex uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt every bit of data exchanged between your device and our servers. From login to logout, every input and button makes sure that its sending data to our server specifically – preventing hijackers from intercepting your data en-route. Furthermore, all data is scrambled beyond recognition, using “keys” that are exchanged between your devices and ours. So even if a hacker somehow managed to get a piece of data, they can’t unscramble it!

Prospex understands that security is of utmost importance in the digital age, and we are actively working to install more layers of protection throughout our application. In the near future, Prospex will be implementing two-factor authentication, and will raise alerts when an unrecognized device attempts to login to your account.

We are committed to staying on the cutting-edge of digital security, and want to provide the most secure experience possible on the web.

What happens to my data if I stop using the service? Do you sell it?

No! A thousand times NO! Prospex solemnly vows to NEVER give, sell, exchange, or otherwise transmit your data to ANYBODY. We don’t track your use habits, we don’t display ads, and we DON’T let anybody get their eyes on your data, EVER.

If you choose to stop using Prospex, we deliver a file with all of your information. Every client, every form, every email – all of it packed into a neat and tidy backup. Then we ask if we can delete it from our server permanently. And we do. Every fragment of data related to your account is gone, wiped clean, for good. Should you decide to come back to Prospex, simply provide us with the backup file and we can restore your data within hours.

We aren’t a big company, but we are an ETHICAL company. We understand that trusting a company with your business’ data is a leap of faith, and we vow to never break that trust.

I have an idea for a Prospex feature, can you do it?

Depending on the feature, the answer is probably yes! Prospex is always looking for feedback and ideas to make our software stronger, better, and more useful. If you have ideas, we want to hear them! Much of the feedback we’ve gotten is already in development, but your ideas help us to shape and refine our features, and add a vote for their release priority! Contact Prospex today and let us know how we can make your business run better!

January 1, 2020


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Prospex Has Arrived!

What a journey its been! We were first introduced to WFG just over a year ago, and were immediately drawn to this diverse and motivated group of people, striving to achieve their dreams by helping others fulfill theirs. I’ve watched so many young agents blossom into thriving entrepreneurs; their motivation and determination rewarded countless times over, and all for serving a great cause. Wow!

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